Sunday, April 27, 2008

Recovery Process

I am recovering today... this morning I went for a 5 mile run and left my damn phone at home, on the counter, off. I had my music blaring and it was beautiful and every mile that went under my feet erased some part of the previous week, at least the least fun parts. The run plus an hour in the sun by the pool has healed me somewhat, oh yeah that and a glass of wine.

I got chills when I heard from the ORC who is with the family of yesterday. The donor is a young woman, and she was to be a DCD (donation after Cardiac death) but all things considered and then some, she wasn't going to arrest in the time needed, but today she was worse and so we attempted again, thinking this time it would work, and it did. She arrested in 26 minutes. The chilling part is her family chose direct donation. A nurse who works in the ICU, her husband needs a kidney and will receive it today. She actually took care of the donor, but stayed in the ICU during the recovery part of it all (conflict of interest, which I understand). But again, someone will live. It feels good to know that our effort plus their generosity did this, their determination and our willingness to give it a shot, it's something that will keep me going this week as I am off... This should carry me through my big test this week.

I just found out a coordinator who I have known for 4 years is having a birthday, and other coordinators are going out tonight for it, and I wasn't invited, in fact my friend said she was goign to dinner with her bf and I find out thats not the case from someone else. Hmmm, now I know how my boss feels. She says no one ever invites her to lunch etc, so I have been trying to do that when I am around. At first I was afraid that others would think I was sucking up, which I do not do, but then I stopped caring. Think what you want to think. Maybe its because they think I will talk to management now that I am in charge, hell. Whatever.

I headed off to the shower, then going to watch a movie with my feet up and some wine.

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