Monday, June 30, 2008

Hurray! I have survived another whole month of work, as the month comes to an end, I sit here in bed half dead. I should be sleeping, and for that I will be in trouble from my husband since he hasn't seen me in 4 days. I hadn't seen my kids in 48, thats probably because I worked 42 of that 48... I guess the remaining 6 hrs I could've, but I chose sleep over kids. I'm a bad mother.

I turned down the job that was offered to me, after I interviewed a couple weeks ago. I tol dno one that I had interviewed, or was looking, afraid that it somehow would be used against me. I wonder if I did the right thing. I asked her to please make it an open offer... (funny. But only funny to us transplant ppl) I wonder if I should ask for full wavers also....hmm.

My donor this weekend was a glorified horse and pony show, better yet a complete cluster. I don't want to relive the nightmare 30hrs of which I was awake, otherwise I might have to start drinking and I can't tell you a place in the world that it is 5 oclock yet so I know its too early. Next time I choose to brag about how wonderful a case is going, slap me.

People ask why I like my job, and I tell them that I only like it 75% of the time. And here's why; every case has something new, a new challenge. It may be donor related, transport related, family related, who knows. And every case I honestly think that I have seen it all, tackled it all. I had to laugh because this case was going so well, and then wham... a problem I have never had before. "We are sorry, but the OR is shut down this weekend." WTF???! What hospital doesn't have an OR? I guess this explains why they aren't a trauma center, though they could be due to their size. That will teach me to brag.

By the end of the night I had sent an ambulance code 3 with my donor to another hospital and I had a list a mile long of people I wanted to kill with my bare hands and people I wanted to kiss, but I practice self control on both parts. My second donor wasn't much better, it seems everything I touched this weekend went to the worms.

The whole weekend might had been more bearable had I had co-workers that actually talked to me. I have decided that I dont care, I am actually more happy not being aorund people that are so misserable with their own lives that they have to constantly try to bring others down with them by being mean and spitefull.