Monday, April 14, 2008

Making enemies

So today I am in charge, Advisor, the one to hate. The one to despise... the one to cuss out when no one is looking, to talk bad about over drinks tomorrow. The one that gets accused of this and that and wasting this time and saying to do this stupid thing... boy am I going to hit up the boss for a raise next month. Someone just said to me, "I got to give you credit for doing that", my thought all day has been "how the hell do they do this all the time?" The phone incessively ringing every 10 minutes... I think I have used up only a 1000 text messages today so thats good at least... Its non stop. I have to give them credit... its a whole new world. A lessen in communication, diplomacy and critical thinking. Its challenged me and thats what I wanted right? to be challenged right? Things were getting somewhat stagnent, I was becoming too complacent in the job, just going through the motions, so this has been a good thing. Its just that I am making enemies pretty fast and finding out that I do things, everyone does things A LOT differently. This is only my 2nd day doing this so I have to go easy on myself and not be so overly critical of myself as my boss says I am, am I that way?? Yes , we all know I am. I have learned a lot today, a WHOLE lot, and its been good. I feel as coordinators we know so much more than the average nurse, hell than most docs even, so why am I so hard on myself? I hear what they dislike about the boss, so its hard not to try and not do things they do... arg. So time will tell if I can hang with this and if I alienate everyone...

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