Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Just another day in paradise

Just as I exited the freeway this morning downtown, Guns and Roses came on the radio blasting "Welcome to the Jungle" and I giggled to myself, thinking that the song was highly appropriate for the hospital I was going to. After I pulled up and parked in the County hospital lot, I was awarded with the lovely sight of a middle age man, obviously homeless, standing in his skivys outside on the lawn in front of the hospital. I'm not sure what he was selling but I shuddered at the thought. The police were there already telling him to put his pants on, so he did, wrong side in, dirty white pockets hanging over his now covered nonexistent ass, dirty bare feet showing. Someone could've transported me there, and just shown me that scene and asked me where I was and I could've told them.
I headed up to the ICU, making sure that I pushed the elevator buttons with my keys, used my hips on the doors, and used every hand sanitizer dispenser I walked passed. Again I was awarded with all sorts of interesting sights. One thing I cannot understand is how a mother can allow her child to play barefoot, on the floor of any hospital, much less this one... Ugh! I walked into the ICU, which is the size of a box ,did my duty and left since there wasn't any family due in til later to approach. Leaving the hospital I saw underwear guy still being harrassed by the cops. I stopped by the childrens hospital for a quick peek at the little munchkin there that had an unfortunate delivery and then went to grab some lunch. I spent the rest of the day waiting and waiting for the family to arrive and finally went home. Hint: the best way to make a family in denial come back into the hospital is by heading home. As soon as I was 10 min from my house, Children's paged me again and the family had arrived at county. Its already near drowning season again, and after the denial family declined and I saw the new kid, I went for a hard run until most of the visual had cleared my head. I came home sweating and then found I couldn't go to sleep. These are the nights I need to drink and I can't because I am on call. So I layed in bed awake and finally fell asleep only to awake and reach for my phone in a panic this morning because I hadn't received any pages... Nope it was still on loud. Whew, I've done that before. I have 2 days off and I am going to enjoy them before Friday.

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