Wednesday, January 2, 2008

See how I feel?

My kids both went to a NYE all night party and had a blast. NY day morning as they stumbled in the front door, dark rings under their eyes, their feet barely leaving the ground... I laughed to myself... Time for some education! After I listened to the "Mom I'm so tired, mom let me go!" cries, I made them pause and evaluate for jsut a moment how they felt. I said "Now tell me how you feel right now." I got a variety of answers, and whining with it. I said to them "Now, right now how you feel, is how mom feels when she works all night and comes home from work." They both just looked at me and trudged off to the bedroom. It was a sort of mini revenge for me... :)
I never made it home last night. After I visited the hospital that paged me, I got another call from the county hosital. The patient I had see earlier in the evening was very unstable. The resident tells me that if we want to give the family any option for donation, I needed to hurry on over. So I finished up and drove a fast 10 min to the hosital. Funny thing was, he was more stable than earlier in the evening, but the family had made him a DNR. It was a tragic situation for the whole family, a member of them being responsible for the injury. So sad that now so many people will be affected.
I pulled mom and 3 siblings into a small conference room. I wanted to much to take this mothers pain away from her and hoped what I had to say would lessen it even just 1%. I would feel successful if it was even 1%. I told her he could save up to 8 lives. I watched her face light up, her eyes opened wider and she sat up straiter. I had given her some hope, I could see that, so I continued. They all agreed he would want that, but they wanted to wait for his dad to arrive.
Today he is going to save people, I slept and am now awake and another coordinator is there continuing the case. As tired as I am, I love doing this. Makes me have faith in the world, amazement that people still possess generosity for those they have never met at the worse possible time of their lives. I believe that a mom who gives her son to help others when she is greiving so is such a hero, more so than anyone who may be labeled that. He gift is so unselfish, so selfless, so not for personal glory. Even after 4 years it never fails to move me like this.

To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of leave the world a better know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.

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