Sunday, February 25, 2007

I guess an introduction is in order...

I think I have been told that every blog needs an introduction... Well I'll keep this short and sweet so I can get on with things. I am a Transplant Coordinator, or Organ Recovery Coordinator, OR Procurement coordinator... the options on my title seem endless and I have introduced myself, and been called all of the above and more. My favorite is Donor: "Donor is here", for which I promtly correct them and say my first name..... I am not THE donor, that is why I am here. But like most people (mostly ones that dont plan on it) I never get used to being called that. I work for an OPO (Organ Procurement Organization) somewhere west of New York, and to comply with HIPPA (sheesh... sigh) I need to keep things on the down low as far as the ID goes. My job has many facets and many days I ask why, many days I KNOW why I am here and doing what I do. So this is blog is my creative attempt to log my journey and maybe one day put this all down in a book. Its about my experiences on the job and off the job, but all related to my role in helping save lives on a daily basis. I am not superman, no that title of "hero" goes to the many families that make that decision every day to let me help them save others.

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